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Our keyhole logo represents the bright light of compassionate and empathetic education, research, and direct support that pivots from "lived experience" perspectives. It reminds us of our mission to find the keys to unlock mental health and/or neurological mysteries.

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Our goal is to open the door for people to recognise and embrace the available opportunities for elevated understanding and insight into their own mental health and/or neurological issues. Through bridging knowledge gaps across stakeholders, we are committed to unlocking those keyholes with meaningful access and resources that can improve outcomes for everyone.

Everything about Newosis is a 'collaboration' for the improvement of the lives of people who are living with a mental health or neurological issue, from the individual perspective through to researching and examining global solutions.

Please explore the sections below and also the menu bar above to embrace our mission as fully as possible.

Our Board and Executive Advisors come from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds, most with postgraduate qualifications in mental health, most with “lived experience” of mental health and/or neurological illness, and many have successful media, law, or business backgrounds. The age range is from early 20s through to mid-80s! You can find more about our Board and Executive Advisors here.

Newosis recognises the strength, perseverance, and determination of people living with mental illness or psychological distress, families, carers, supporters, and workforce members that provide it with its essential motivation. Some of their stories may contain information that could be distressing.

If you are disturbed or upset by any content in this website, or if you or anyone else requires support, please refer to the resources and contacts here.

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