Executive Summary

How we will help

Our society faces a “brain crisis.” Our Founder and CEO created Newosis to address this, but to find more meaningful and novel solutions by referring to society’s “lived experience” and consider alternative ways of thinking about the issues facing mental and neurological health issues in this age. Furthermore, the sector deserves more diversity of academic knowledge made available for its practical use (instead of it being stuck in academic journals).

Our mission

To provide education, research and support according to compassion, empathy and benevolence, and constantly to pivot from knowledge from the “lived experience.” A hands-on approach is required, with energy, enthusiasm and positivity.


Working in partnership with the mental health charity sector and treating those we seek to help as partners in their own soothing, healing, learning or direction, thus prioritising autonomy for those with mental and/or neurological illness. We will be working with other organisations, and they are referred to throughout the website.

Our focus in 2023

The workplace (legal, executive and industrial); at-risk children (including incarcerated children and targeting specific ethnic minorities who are struggling); musicians and performers (looking at performance fear, anxiety and PTSD, but also mental health issues arising in community music settings), neurological disorder awareness (for underrepresented disorders such as tardive dyskinesia), “lived experience peer support” programs for mentally and/or neurologically ill people, and immersing into the holistic approach (with consideration of alternative soothing and healing methodologies).

Our competitive advantage

Newosis does not see itself as a competitor. We see ourselves as partners within the sector who bring fresh ideas to the table and seek to move to the cracks and corners that have not been addressed adequately. We walk side-by-side with the entire sector. However, we have significant diversity in our leadership group, including “lived experience” of mental health and/or neurological issues, qualified mental health practitioners, and corporate executives.

Location and legal status

Newosis is an Incorporated Association in South Australia (A44838), and its Federal Australian Business Number is 66 360 627 420. It is a registered Australian charity with the ACNC and is a Deductible Gift Recipient for ATO purposes. Newosis will have a national capacity in 2023.

Newosis people