The Sector and Governments Have the Answers but Gaps Remain: Newosis Will Fill Those Gaps!

The Vitality and Significance of the recent Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System (2021) for the Entire Australian Mental Health Crisis

The recent Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System (2021) for Australia has highlighted the need for significant mental health reform in Australia (despite being concerned with Victorian citizens, a perfect sample of the Australian community as a whole). While it is encouraging that attention is being paid to this issue, the fact remains that other governments have yet to take urgent action on this serious matter. To fill these gaps, Newosis is dedicated to addressing each Commission's recommendations through practical and meaningful measures.

The primary goal of Newosis is to promote good mental health and well-being for all people in Australia. This includes establishing a reset of the foundations for the mental health and well-being system and providing support for delivering services tailored to meet personal needs and preferences. Moreover, those with lived experience are at the forefront regarding service design and delivery.

This legislative framework also puts emphasis on providing support services to people in need as soon as possible. It recognises that early intervention can be critical in minimising the long-term impacts of mental illness on individuals’ lives and reducing costs associated with treatment. The framework also includes addressing systemic issues such as stigma around mental illness and access to appropriate medical care, which have been highlighted in the Royal Commission's report.

Newosis will help by offering a range of services to cater to all individuals suffering from mental illness. These services include counselling, anxiety management workshops, alternative therapy, community engagement programs, and novel research. Furthermore, they offer events such as seminars and conferences which provide information about relevant topics such as mental illness awareness and advocacy.

Additionally, we have an ambition to provide funding opportunities for research projects focused on improving understanding of mental health issues in Australia, as well as providing support for those who wish to undertake their research projects or work within the field of mental health care.

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System (2021) has highlighted how far behind Australian governments are when tackling this critical issue. Thankfully organisations like Newosis are willing and able to step up where governments have been unable (or, politically, unwilling to) - helping create a better future for those affected by mental illness in Australia today.

By taking advantage of the recommendations of Victoria’s Commission and suggested legislative framework, it has a practical, measured, and accurate framework from which Newosis can effectively pivot concerning its resources and provide real, meaningful change by creating supportive environments where people can thrive both mentally and physically - no matter their circumstance or situation. Only through organisations like Newosis will we be able to make real progress towards achieving comprehensive reforms in mental health (and neurological and neurodivergent) care in Australia today!

Newosis plans on utilising the Commission’s framework and engaging with local communities across Australia through awareness campaigns. This includes social media outreach programs such as blogs, podcasts, webinars, virtual events, etc., which will help us spread knowledge about mental health (and neurological and neurodivergent) related issues while also connecting with those affected directly or indirectly by them.

Mental health should not be overlooked or ignored any longer; it affects millions of Australians every day and requires immediate action from all levels of government and society alike for us to tackle this problem head-on. We at Newosis Mental Health Foundation recognise this need and believe that through our initiatives, we can change how we approach this issue in Australia as we advance.

We, therefore, urge everyone who can contribute—governments, ministers, sponsors, philanthropists, donors, and funders—to join us on this journey so that together, we can create a better future where no one is left behind due to lack of proper support systems or access resources when needed most.

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