Sector analysis

Australian mental health and neurological charities remained on a positive trajectory in 2022, playing an important role in supporting individuals with mental illness across the country. Research has indicated that Australian mental health charities tend to focus heavily on improving access to resources, creating healthier work environments, promoting innovative and creative solutions for mental illnesses, and advocating for those who seek help. Each Australian charity is unique in their approach, but all contribute to the overall social and cultural shift towards understanding the importance of mental well-being. As Australian charities continue to innovate and seek new ways to increase support for their communities, the sector will be integral in creating a healthier future for Australians suffering from mental illness.

2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Australian mental health charities. The charity sector is modernising, with more and more organisations embracing digital-based initiatives and approaches to appeal to a broader audience. Improved collaboration between organisations will also result in better outcomes for those accessing mental health services, leading to greater uptake of these vital services across the country. Philanthropy in Australia is evolving too, and Australian mental health charities are perfectly positioned to benefit from the increased investment in nonprofits. Newosis is delighted to be joining the “crew” to “roll up its sleeves” to ensure no one is left behind, and it intends to work with (and not in competition) other charities. Background work on LinkedIn suggests we may have dozens of partnerships to assist in carrying out our campaigns in 2023.

Mental and neurological health charities must be at the forefront of fulfilling the needs of vulnerable community members. At Newosis, we recognise that trust and compassion are central to our mission, so we strive to uphold these values when fostering relationships with communities with mental and/or neurological illnesses. By making those living with such illnesses a focal part of our learning, research, and support processes, we can have an authentic connection with others which brings credibility to our campaigns.

Furthermore, by emphasising proactive approaches beyond what traditional psychiatry and psychology can offer (whilst retaining such traditions and relevant ethics as a vital rudder), Newosis aims for a more robust, compassionate, and empathetically scaffolded society with fresher and more dynamic tools for soothing and healing the “brain crisis”, particularly from a “lived experience” perspective.

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