Why Newosis is Needed Now

It has been suggested that there are not enough services for people who need long-term intensive and complex support in the community but do not need to go to hospital as inpatients. Medicare funding for individual mental health sessions is woefully inadequate to scaffold our community. Many people drop out of the mental health scheme soon after they start because of unsatisfactory matching, incorrect therapeutic techniques (that are not, therefore, person-focused), and untrained support staff, ill-equipped to aid in the soothing and healing required by those facing mental health problems.

Some people would be better served by lower-intensity treatments such as self-help, psychoeducation, lifestyle advice group therapy, and online guided self-help. However, the current system seems to encourage over-prescribing mood management drugs. Australians are the third most frequent users of antidepressants among OECD countries.

Money should be spent on programs to help high-risk groups such as young people, people who have attempted suicide, cultural minorities, and young parents, which Newosis intends to help alleviate deficiencies.

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